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Tips for Driving Test and Driving Test Preparation

If you are a learner, being taught by a Professional driving instructor is quite important. Today many family members or friends help the learner driver and they have this view that "I can do what a professional instructor can. But the fact is that many professional drivers have bad driving habits.

For example: a large number of drivers do not use the interior mirror. Also they do not driver hands positioned on the steering wheel correctly.

An expert driving instructor should know the safe driving rules, and should be able to teach you the way to driver safely.
Also some learners become nervous while driving, so these experts should know how to handle these types of learners.

Always give priority to those who are recommended to you. Referred driving instructor is the best way to search for a professional instructor. Always discuss with friends before you choose your driving instructor. During these lessons, the learner driver needs to remember what they have been taught by their driving instructor and should put the methods into practice. Compressing as many lessons as possible in a short period of time may not be fruitful for all learners. If time and money allow, the learner should try to book in at least one lesson per week with a driving instructor and preferably two, for 1-2 hours per session. When the driving instructor feels that the learner is ready for the full practical driving test, it is always good to perform a mock test. This entails the driving instructor to act as an examiner and for the learner to take instructions as in a real test and execute a number of procedures that will be given, such as turning the car on the road. This will give the learner a good example of what to expect of the actual test, so that they can be prepared in advance.

Tips before you appear for driving test:

Follow these simple tips and pass your driving test exam confidently:
1. Make sure you have read your study material thoroughly.
2. Effective study is more important, many people fail through lack of preparation.
3. We would recommend you do not spend more than 15-20 minutes with each study period; else your brain may start to switch off.
4. As driving theory test contain lots of information for study, its not recommended to leave it at last minute. Prepare in advance.
5. Find the most comfortable time of the day, when you can grab as much information as you can.
6. Its recommended not to give any mock test quizzes unless you are thorough with your theory test.
7. Goal to get 49/50 correct answers in mock test quiz. Chances of passing in actual test will increase as your mock test quiz marks increases.
8. Before you enter into the test center, be calm.

DSA Theory Test:

1. Arrive 15 minutes before at the center before the test time.
2. Take both parts of driving licence and the test appointment letter.
3. When you will arrive, you will be asked to 'sign-in'
4. If you have any difficulty, ask for help.
5. You will be guided to which computer to use.
6. You will have up to 15 minutes to get used to the system before starting the test.
7. Take your time, be calm and read the questions carefully.
8. If you are not sure for any answer, flag it and come back later.