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Things you know while preparing driving test

Learning to drive is one of the incredibly significant milestones for a learner growing up to become a responsible driver. A learner drivers needs to learn to take up decisions and responsibilities on their own. Getting driving theory test knowledge without skills and driving skills without knowledge of rules and regulations both are dangerous.

You must know the theory behind the driving as well as you must practice enough for full professional driving license.

DSA driving exams are conducted for testing the same.

Theory test knowledge is must before you actually sit on the wheels. Practical test judges your readiness for the road.

Driving Standard Agency has said that when you mug up like a parrot is of no use but when you understand the concept is good for you.

Theory test consists of multiple choices question and hazard perception test.

You can prepare your theory test with the help of mock test. This mock theory test consists of randomly chosen questions from the mock theory test of (car and motorcycle) questions.

Learner drivers should know that Driving Standard Agency has made the changes in the theory test, keeping in mind that the real understanding is actually much better than just mugging up the official questions. The change is the test conducted by Driving Standards Agency would be based on the official exam questions, but would not contain the exact same questions from the practice material.

You should be aware of road signs, Highway codes, observation, maneuvers, speed limits, hazards on the road etc. There are many things to keep in mind while driving. If you could remember these things then you could become a responsible driver.

Whenever learner has to prepare for the driving practical test he is either nervous or stressed about his driving test. But we all know nervousness is not the way to solve the problem.

Nervousness can lead to the failure but practice can make the man perfect.

Whenever you start learning to drive you should always listen to your driving instructor. You need to keep your self very cool and calm.

Professional driving instructor is the one who can teach proper driving lessons and help you to come out from problems. Preparation could be easy if you prepare driving theory test and link the understanding with the practical lesions being taught by professional instructor.

In the DSA practical test, you will then be examined on two reversing exercises

The reversing exercises will be chosen from:

  • reversing around a corner
  • turning in the road
  • reverse parking

You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop exercise. Always try to practice this reversing exercise with the driving instructor.

  • Reverse parking - Drive alongside a parked car and reverse back within the space of two car lengths without hitting the kerb and whilst observing for other road users.
  • Turn in the road - Turn the car around using forward and reverse gears without hitting the kerb and whilst observing for other road users.
  • Reverse to the left - Reverse in to a side road to your left, keep close to the kerb and observe for other road users.
  • Bay parking - Reverse in to a car park bay, whilst observing for other road users.
  • Emergency stop - Stop the car as in an emergency, without skidding.

Driving carefully can lead you to drive safely and avoid misfortune in future. Which lead the healthy and safe life. When you learn the complete driving, you can drive independently on the road without any help. Independent driving means a safe and responsible driving.