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How to practice your driving theory test and practical test

Getting your driving license is an important achievement; it can help you for getting a job. But preparing for your driving test can seem difficult because of the pattern of the theory and practical theory test.

If you are a learner driver and it is very important that you should take guidance from professional driving instructor.
You can always discuss your strength, weakness areas in driving with your friend and family members. But ideally should not be totally dependent upon their help, as many professional drivers have bad driving habits, you are likely to pick up those.

An expert driving instructor should be able to teach you how to become safe & responsible driver on the road because he/she should know the safe driving rules.

Many drivers do not pass their driving test theory in first attempt, so if unfortunately you fail in your test, don't be nervous.
It is not the end of the world and just takes another chance with better preparation and pass your test.

Theory test practice with multiple choice questions and hazard perception test is the first part of the test. Solve all the questions at least once. Note the questions/sections where you are failing e.g many learner feel stopping distances driving theory test questions /answers are difficult to remember. Effective study is more important, many people fail through lack of preparation. Most important is understand the theory behind each question.

In general, 80% questions fall in easy category. Rest 20% you will have to re-attempt till you feel confident. Then take few random mock theory test so you know how you are scoring. Then when you are ready, sit for your free online theory test .

For the preparation of driving practical test, rely on approved driving instructor. It is extremely important to ensure that you choose your driving instructor that has a lot of experience, driving skills and better training records and practice thoroughly with him.

Some tips for learner drivers -

Drive to suit the conditions of the road In some road conditions, even driving at the speed limit could be too fast. Factors that affect road conditions include fog, rain and traffic flow. The national speed limit is not a target speed. Focus on your driving and don't worry about shifting controls.

Driving too close to the car in front, undertaking and failing to signal are widely accepted as examples of bad driving. However, some drivers fail to accept that driving too fast is also poor driving despite the fact that this is a contributory factor in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year.

Consider the consequences of causing an accident due to driving at excessive speed
If you cause an accident you will have to live with the emotional consequences of deaths or injuries caused to others.

Don't assume it's safe to break the speed limit on rural roads because there is less traffic or an open road ahead
Be aware that there may be unexpected hazards, such as blind bends, vehicles coming out of junctions and animals on the road.

We wish you all the best for your DSA test.


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