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DSA theory and practical driving test advice

 A driving license is a like a passport into the world of driving. Any driver, who doesn't have driving license, can not drive in public places. So many drivers look forward to getting a license as soon as they possibly can so that they can go any place they want.

Every learner driver's ambition is to take the driving test as early as possible and pass driving test in first attempt. Learning to drive is overall expensive considering the cost of Driving lesson and DSA driving test fees. Hence everyone wants to achieve the goal as quickly as they can.

People truly feel nervous when they think about a driving test so they can take Driving test advice before their driving test practice.

If you want to successfully pass your test the 1st attempt, then we would like to advice you on following points.

  • Make sure you have read and understood The Highway Code - traffic signs, rules for road users. Once you have got the knowledge and what are the rules of the road then you are ready to take your driving test. This would help you in both the tests - driving theory test as well as DSA driving practical test.

  • Prepare with the latest DSA Theory test questions. From Jan 2012, DSA has changed the test pattern slightly. From Jan onwards the questions shown in exam would be different than the source material test questions. The exam questions would be based on the officially released source material. So while preparing for your theory test, make sure you have practiced all Driving test questions published by DSA.

  • Take your practical driving test lessons from qualified approved driving instructor. Professional instructor would have knowledge to guide you properly.

  • When you plan your practice routes with your instructor to ensure you get to experience all of the necessary traffic patterns, traffic signs and maneuvers.

  • Your ADI would have a copy of 'driver's record' which is distributed by DSA - The record is based on the official learning to drive syllabus and lists all the skills you need to drive safely. It will help you to - See how you are progressing and identify the skills that need more attention. - Keep track of your progress and encourage you to become skilled in all the key areas. - Prepare for your practical test and become a safer driver.

  • Make use of it and know your weak areas.

  • Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat those.

  • Imagine yourself driving and visualize what you will do in different conditions, before going on a practice drive with your instructor.

  • Always eager to learn new things or ideas from your friends and experienced drivers and share your queries with them.

  • When you are ready to appear for your DSA tests, think positively and do an attempt to think about how you have prepared yourself well for the test.This way your mind stays positive and you are most likely to perform better.

  • On the day of test -

  • Arrive early at driving examination centre.

  • This will give the time in which to prepare yourself mentally and start your test on time.

  • During your practical test drive with examiner, which is mentally most exhaustive for most, rule of thumb is staying calm. If you get nervous you are likely to make mistakes after mistakes.

  • Do not hesitate to ask the examiner to repeat instructions, in case you have doubts.

We wish you all the very best for your exam.

After passing your driving test, always be safe responsible driver and be considerate to other road users.