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Driving theory test with touch screen computer

About driving theory test -

There are two parts of driving theory test i.e. multiple-choice test and the hazard perception test. Both the test must be passed in the same attempt to get theory test certificate. Once you clear driving theory test then only you will be allowed to appear for driving practical test.

Multiple-choice test is the first part of driving theory test which consist of 50 questions out of which you need to answer 43 questions right and the time limit is 57 minutes. You can also go for a practice session of the multiple choice questions to get used to the layout of the test. This session is being designed to test your understanding for the theory behind driving.

Hazard perception test is the second part of theory test in which you will be shown 14 clips of 1 minute each having 15 hazards in all (1 clip will have 2 hazards respectively). Once you are done with hazard perception you will be invited to answer few customer survey questions. This session is designed to test your alertness of potential hazards whilst driving.

Unlike multiple choice questions, for the hazard perception test there are no separate versions for different vehicles e.g. car, bike, heavy vehicle etc, each vehicle category takes the same test, however the pass mark is different for different categories of tests.

If you pass one part and fail the other you will fail the whole DSA theory test, and need to attempt for both the test again.

About touch screen system:

A touch screen is an electronic visual display that can identify the existence and position of a touch within the display area. The term in general refers to touching the display of the device with a finger or hand. Touch screens can also sense other inactive objects, such as a stylus. On the other hand, if the thing sensed is active, as with a light pen, the term touch screen is usually not relevant.

The touch screen has two main attributes:

Firstly, it enables one to cooperate directly with what is displayed, rather than indirectly with a cursor controlled by a mouse or touchpad. Secondly, it lets one do so without requiring any intermediate device that would need to be held in the hand. The touch screen system has been carefully designed to make sure it is easy to use.

  • Candidate can also work through a practice session for up to 15 minutes to get used to the system before actually starting their test.
  • To answer a question the candidate simply touches their choice of answer from the listed answers on the computer screen.
  • To take online theory test for driving theory test candidate use touch screen computer system.
  • Touch screen is preferred because it is easy to use or user friendly.
  • During examination if a candidate faces any problem or finds difficult to use the new system staff will be on hand to help them.
  • The system has been carefully designed so those candidates that are colour blind can use it.
  • The system has the option for dyslexic candidate to listen to the test being read in English through a headset.

People with dyslexia can also apply to have up to doubled the standard time for the multiple choice part of the test. This accommodation must be arranged at the time of booking. Supporting documents such as a letter from your teacher will be required.

Driving theory test with touch screen computer system:

All candidates for the driving theory test are now using the new 'touch screen computer system' to take their test as it is easy to use.

  • You need to select the answers by simply touching a computer screen for the multi choice element of the test and clicking a mouse button for the hazard perception test.
  • The question/screens are easy to read on the screen. Only one question will be on the screen at any time, you will be able to move backwards as well as forwards through the test questions.
  • You will be able to 'flag' any of the questions you want to go back to and look at again, you will also be able to change any of the answers you may feel need to be changed.
  • Some questions will ask you to select more than one answer. You will be alerted by the system if you have not completely answered all the questions.
  • Staff will be on hand to help you if you have any difficulties in using the new system.

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