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Changes in the driving license 2013

Acquiring Driving license is an imperative step towards driving and leading to hit the road. Getting the driving licence is very difficult unless you meet all the privilege of the DSA. As we all know driving license test is becoming challenging and innovative in the coming year 2013. DSA has made some changes towards the driving license.

As driving license issued by the DVLA will be in the new format from 19 January 2013.
Old format licenses will still be valid, they will be updated step by step as they are renewed and replaced. Find out more about the new style UK driving licence.

The new Uk driving license card will seem different to the current license. It will show all the details of the driving licence.

Front of the driving license card:

  • In the front of the card your current surname, first name, date, and place of birth will be recorded.
  • This will include your issue number, start and the end date of your license, electronic copy of your photo and signature.
  • If the driver has a full driving license provisional privilege will be shown on the counterpart.
  • The front of the driving license card will show the vehicles you are allowed to drive.
  • If you hold a provisional license your provisional privilege will be shown on the front of your card.
  • The new driving license will be needed black and white photograph.
  • A color photograph will still need to be provided with your application to be stored on your driver record.

Back of driving license card:

  • In the back side of the license card vehicle categories will be mention in which driver can and cannot drive.
  • All the categories that the driver has to drive will be display valid from and valid to dates.
  • The categories which the driver cannot drive will be crossed out.

The counterpart driving license explained:

  • If you are a full license holder the paper counterpart will contain your provisional driving licence uk privilege, driving offences and other related information.
  • If you are a provisional driving license holder then the counter part will contain driving offences, other appropriate information and all the privileges will be display on the driving license card.



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